Barbecue BAILÉN PLUS 2 mini side stands

Barbecue BAILÉN PLUS 2 mini side stands

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Firewood & charcoal use.

Barbecue made of refractory concrete and brick.

2 mini side-stands.

Barbecue with chimney

Zinked grill 69,5×35 cm.

Metal rack 65×38 cm with drawer, for easy ash cleaning.

Concrete and brick lower shelf.

Grey concrete and 2 brick colour, orange and white.

Doesn’t need to be painted.

Ideal use up to 7 people.

  • Orange
  • White
  • Charcoal & Firewood
  • Metal Rack
  • Standard

Additional information

Weight 520 kg

Dimensions 145 × 58 × 220 cm

Materials Brick, Concrete, Metal

Additional Info

Bailén series:

Family size barbecue, with a new design, made of brick and refractory concrete. 70cm width grill and several side stand options, with or without sink & tap. Outdoor kitchen packs and an available extension through modules.

Up to 9 people.

→ Test your outdoor kitchen layout here


User Manual

View User/Assembly Manual ( M00150)

View User/Assembly Manual ( M00003)

View User/Assembly Manual ( M00292)


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