Fire Pits

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  • Fire Pit GRAVITAS

    Smooth or textured concrete. 235 stainless steel or regular steel, with heat resistant powder coating. Black mate colour.

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  • Fire Pit PHOBOS

    Phobos consists of 6 rings. The rings seem to levitate, almost counteracting gravity and their spacing cuts out

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  • Fire Pit THARSIS

    Tharsis is the fusion between steel and concrete. The cubic shape increases the embers efficiency. It offers th

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  • Fire Pit SYRTIS

    Only 8 pieces create Syrtis. Its highlighted structure and sharp lines, offer a mechanical and robust appearanc

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  • Fire Pit MEDUSAE

    3 equal pieces create the burning area. The simplicity of each plane reborns when the 3 together intersect each

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