Barbecue CALIFORNIA Plus

Barbecue CALIFORNIA Plus

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Barbecue made of refractory gray concrete and orange brick. Metal rack with refractory plates and zincked grill 69,5 x 44 cm. Drawer for easy ash cleaning. Enamelled steel chimney. Ideal use up to 9 people.


  • Orange
  • White
  • Charcoal & Firewood

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Materials Brick, Concrete, Metal

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California Plus:

Contemporary design brick barbecue, with a very high performance. Cocking area made of refractory concrete and brick, with a high thermal eficiency.

Argentinian style grill option. Grill options includes 60, 70 and 83cm width.

Complete outdoor kitchen packs and kitchen extensions available through modules.

Recommended for 8/12 people, in continuous grilling.

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